The Company believes that sound corporate practices based on openness, credibility and accountability are essential for its long-term success. These practices will ensure the company, having regard to competitive exigencies, conducts its affairs in such a way that would build the confidence of its various stakeholders in it and its Board's integrity. In line with the objective of the Company to conduct its business in a highly professional and ethical manner and thereby enhance trust and confidence of all its stakeholders, the company has put in place the following:

Code of Conduct for the Company: 

Code of Coduct for the Company sets forth the responsibilities and the commitment of the Directors and Senior Management to the customers, shareholders, staff and the public at large. This Code shall be applicable to the Kei - rsos and all its subsidiaries and their employees worldwide. 
Internal Code of Conduct:
An Internal Code of Conduct for dealing in shares of the Company has been put in place, in fulfillment of its moral obligations to the investors relating to dealing in shares of the Company by its Directors and employees. This document appraises the concerned about the law relating to Insider Trading and formalising the Company's policy and code for dealing in the securities of the Company for the benefit and compliance of all concerned. 

Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) of the Company

Shri. ASHOK MUDGIL -Chief Executive Officer
Shri. NR PANIGRAHY - Chief Financial Officer