People as Assets:

It is our belief at KEI - RSOS that our people strategy is an enduring phenomenon and difficult to replicate. We strongly believe that it is the people behind our assets that are the prime movers for value creation in our business. Attracting talented individuals and proactively engaging them in our endeavors has been the hallmark of our people strategy. A well focused and motivated team of professionals is one of the key strengths of KEI - RSOS. We believe that to have satisfied customers, we need satisfied and positive personnel.


KEI - RSOS offers a wide spectrum of career opportunities and paths with the flexibility to build true business professionals. We have opportunities in technical, Business development and support services. As a matter of policy, we provide job rotation opportunities to provide a rounded exposure to our middle and senior level managers. We review our staff requirements regularly and supplement our hiring efforts with a balanced approach of growing our internal talent pool.

Professional work culture:

We have adopted sound business performance, operational efficiency and customer relationship management as the tenets of our work culture and we focus our efforts and resources to build best-in-class standards.

Employer of choice:

KEI - RSOS is one of the oldest, most established and well recognized provider of Offshore Support Services with a rich and diverse heritage.

Great Place to work:

Our working environment can be described as being informal, reflecting camaraderie and yet focused in producing outcomes which are aspirational both at the organisational and individual level.

Employer branding:

It is our firm belief that building and maintaining a strong employer brand is the key to attracting, engaging and retaining staff. With this objective in mind, we are working hard to establish our presence as an employer of great value offering our valued staff freedom to pursue good health, personal prosperity and individual empowerment.